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Blog 05. The 'PMDD Chronicles'

My heart goes out to all the women before who didn't have a name to give to their paralyzing, recurring, monthly symptoms. My heart goes out to those today who have been misdiagnosed and are still in the dark about their condition. My heart goes out to the women who never find the comfort of understanding from their loved ones.

I come from a family of women and yet I feel alone in my womanhood; I am missing a part of guidance they can not give me. Not only has the medical community deliberately ignored our condition but they have not even bothered to find a cure (not treatments!) to our symptoms. It is the lack of accurate information about the female anatomy and sexuality from our formal education that creates a huge hole in our understanding of each other.

I am particularly addressing this because it makes conversations around my PMDD difficult. How do you address a condition when you don't have have the words? There is still not enough awareness when it comes to PMDD and it is too often mislabeled as just PMS.

My days of PMDD may make me seem weak or vulnerable to women who have/do experience PMS. I want to tell you that I cry in frustration because my mind betrays me. For days before my period my life loses meaning and everything I love seems dull. I want to tell you that I am not trying to compete with your struggles, I just need you to help me give my suffering a voice.

{Thank you to our guest blogger. If you'd like to read more from the PMDD Chronicles please follow them on instragram.They share their thoughts alongside some beautiful artwork.}


This blog site is hosted by Dr Lynsay Matthews, Research Fellow and PMDD researcher at the University of Birmingham.

If you'd like to share your story, drop Lynsay an email at

If you'd like to hear about or be involved in Lynsay's research see her research page



A reminder that you'll find up to date information and support for PMDD at For info on raising awareness visit

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